General Prompt Guidance

  • Be descriptive of the task that you are trying to accomplish.  –
    • Be direct.  Do this, Never do this.  And do not make it up if you don’t know.
    • Provide as much context to start to achieve the best results.
  • Give the prompt a “role” like, “You are an expert on building marketing campaigns”
  • Describe your target audience.
    • Create a brainstorming session to start.
    • Use the outputs of this session to include in your overall prompt.
  • Iterate, ask from different views and perspectives.
  • Describe the output that you are looking for.
    • Image
    • Marketing Plan
    • Spreadsheet
    • Slide Outlines
  • Have fun and keep it iterating.  The more you dig in the better the output.

CREATE Method Framework

  1. C: Character – Define the Al’s role. E.g., “You are a seasoned copywriter with 20 years of experience in successful sales copy.”
  2. R: Request – Be specific with what you need. Instead of “Write a sales email for a sports car,” specify, “Write a compelling email for the Cougar Hyper Sport, an electric car with top-tier acceleration.”
  3. E: Examples – Optionally, provide samples for more precise results. Headlines or tone examples can guide the Al’s style.
  4. A: Adjustments – Refine the prompt if it’s not perfect. Use instructions like, “Avoid bullet points; use subheads.”
  5. T: Type of Output – Describe the desired format. E.g., “Produce a 500-word article with a title and conclusion.”
  6. E: Extras – Incorporate unique instructions.
  • Ex: “Ignore previous conversations.”
  • Ex: “Ask questions before answering.”
  • Ex: “Explain your thinking.”
  • Ex: “Summarize what you know about me in the first person.”
  • Ex: “Use data up to 2023.”
  • Ex: “Only use reliable sources and cite them.”
  • Ex: “Use CAPS LOCK for emphasis.”

Using the C.R.E.A.T.E formula ensures better results, although it may require more time for prompt creation.

Useful Links – A free collection of prompts that can help build a creative prompt for your task (Not affiliated)